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Designed Package

What will you get?

  • Take your design to the next level with our comprehensive service for all possibilities
  • Experience a thorough and imaginative process that fulfills your needs
  • Get comprehensive documentation of every aspect, from furnishings to finishes and lighting
  • Virtual design meetings: collaborate with us in the process and achieve exceptional results
  • START  

     - Survey and Site Check

    We’ll send one of our design technicians to your property to evaluate the conditions, take measurements and photographs, record all pertinent information, and confirm the project brief with you.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Existing Plans

    We’ll create a precise, scaled drawing of your property based on the survey provided.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Concept Design

    We’ll create accurate, scaled outline drawings to explore different ideas and showcase alternative concepts and possibilities.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Virtual Design Meeting

    We’ll schedule a virtual meeting via Zoom, Teams, or Skype with your designated designer to review the designs and discuss any potential alternative options.

  • WEEK 3  

     - Developed Design

    After we’ve agreed on the basic concept, we’ll develop the design details in accordance with the budget, planning notes, glazing, furniture, and other relevant factors.

  • WEEK 4  

     - Unlimited Design Amendments

    We’ll make as many design revisions as necessary to ensure that every last detail is perfect.

  • WEEK 5  

     - Approved By You

    If you’re satisfied with the designs, we can proceed with the next steps.

  • WEEK 6  

     - Planning Preparation and submission (if required or maybe PD)

    We’ll add your design to our planning drawing template, complete with all the relevant details for the local authority to assess, such as floors, elevations, site plans, and location maps. We’ll act as your agent and submit the application on your behalf.

  • WEEK 8  

     - Validation

    After we’ve conducted our review, your local authority will validate the application, assign a planning officer, and provide a decision date.

  • WEEK 14  

     - 6 Week Check

    We’ll review the application once it reaches the determination stage to verify that everything is proceeding smoothly towards obtaining approval.

  • WEEK 14  

     - Planning Amendments

    If the design needs to be amended to obtain planning approval, we’ll collaborate with you and the planning office to ensure that it is granted.

  • WEEK 16  

     - Approved by Planning

    If planning approves the design with any conditions, we’ll make the necessary adjustments. In the event that it is rejected, we’ll revise the design process.

  • WEEK 18  

     - Basic Regulations

    We’ll produce detailed drawings that demonstrate compliance with building control, adhere to specifications, and include basic construction details.

  • WEEK 18  

     - M&E Schematics

    We’ll provide an indicative drawing that displays the approximate location and quantity of plumbing, heating, and electrical components.

  • WEEK 18  

     - BC Submission

    We’ll handle the paperwork involved in filling out forms, preparing drawings, and gathering supporting information for building control to review and sign off on.

  • WEEK 18  

     - Structural/Consultant Design

    If necessary, the engineer or consultant will design and calculate any additional requirements, such as beams, foundations, and frames, to support the application.

  • WEEK 20  

     - BC Amendments

    We’ll implement any necessary changes requested by building control in order to obtain approval.

  • WEEK 20  

     - Approved by Building Control

    We’ll provide written confirmation that your design conforms to the most current building regulations.

  • WEEK 23  

     - Builder Referral

    We’ll provide you with the contact details of a builder approved by CK Architectural for you to get in touch with.


Our Price List

What Included

  • Survey

  • Site Check

  • Existing Plans & Elevations

  • Basic Design

  • Concept Design

  • Virtual Design Meeting

  • Developed Design

  • Planning Preperation

  • Planning Submission

  • Planning Amendments

  • Basic Building Regulations

  • M&E Schematic

  • Builder Referral

** All our prices shown above are a minimum guidance

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