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Single Storey House Extensions in Birmingham and the West Midlands

Whether you’re looking for kitchen extensions, living room extensions, side extensions, rear extensions, or front extensions, CK architectural can help across the whole of Birmingham and the West Midlands with any type of house extension.

CK Architectural offer designs for single storey house extensions all over Birmingham and the West Midlands. They are an incredible way to expand your living space and increase the value of your home simultaneously. With the right design, you can completely transform your home into a spacious and comfortable place you enjoy spending your time more than ever. All it takes is the perfect extension design and the best extension type for your home.

  • Rear extension plans are perfect for kitchens, diners and utilities, but also need to consider the garden, the neighbours and making internal rooms darker.
  • Side extensions can offer anything you need but may encroach on neighbours or prevent rear access.
  • A front house extension can transform your living space, entranceway or even provide new rooms entirely, but may affect more aesthetic consideration.

We offer a free consultation in the comfort of your own home and offer all the advice you will need.

CK Architectural

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House extension pre design considerations

Before jumping into your house extension project, our local Birmingham based architectural designers will take a detailed brief and assess your property. Our survey will take note of any drains, boundaries or tree issues along with privacy for both you and your neighbours. You will need to consider budgets, planning policy constraints, building regulations, construction method, and the external space to sacrifice.

Before getting tender and building your house extension, you need to consider affordability, planning constraints, build-ability, and building regulations, as well as areas such as:

  • Affordability
  • Planning Constraints
  • Buildability
  • Lighting
  • Neighbours
  • Visual Impact

Finalising your home extension design

This is the exciting part of the process; starting to put all ideas into a drawing. Our designs will consider the size required, the layout, and the integration within the existing living spaces.

We don’t want to design new spaces that are detrimental to the existing space, after all. Quite often we will actually find the space you need in previously unseen areas. We work with you so as not to create dark or impractical spaces and keep everything future proof.

Our expert architectural designers will be able to show you a variety of sizes, layouts, roofs and glazing arrangements. If you want natural light and beautiful garden views, we will cater to your needs ensuring that how you want to use the space is considered. Practical designing can be as challenging as grand designing, getting the functionality right is just as important. Toilets, utilities and side boot room entrances are all useful spaces too.

Once the layout has been determined around the practical requirements, the final detail can be added such as skylights, bi-fold doors and other fittings. That’s when the project can move to the next stages of planning and building regulations.

Planning permission for house extensions in Birmingham

Quite often, a single storey extension can be done under permitted development in Birmingham. This basically means you will not require planning permission.

Projects outside of permitted development will need a homeowner planning application to your local authority, like the Birmingham City Council.

We can take the confirmed design, prepare and submit on your behalf if this is the case, and we’re extremely familiar with designing to maximise the chances of approval.

Building regulations for house extensions in Birmingham

Any changes to your home of a structural nature such as a single storey extension will require building control involvement, and our drawings are fully detailed and specified in line with the approved building regulations documents.

We take the approved design and/or planning drawings and add the necessary construction details including drains, foundations, walls, roof, heat loss, ventilation, fire protection, and our tailored specification will ensure the correct materials are used and British standards are adhered to.

We will collate any 3rd party requirements such as structural engineer design and calculations to gain full plans approval. You can use local authority building control or private building inspectors to get this done.

See our guide on building regulations for more information.

Building your home extension

With your plans approved, you can now send the drawings out to builders for price. We can recommend builders from previous house extension projects in Birmingham that we have worked on, as well as offering a complete project management service from ourselves in which we take care of all of the construction processes too. Assistance will be offered to you and the builder if there are any difficulties on site. We are with you to the end.

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