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Online Architectural Design

CK Architectural have created a new online design package for our customers. We can provide the same great service without the need to visit your home.

What changes can you do to your home without a visit, sale or any obligation? We have the answers.

Online services are fast becoming the way forward so people can have instant information to hand that is why CK Architectural Birmingham are offering you the same personal service but without the need for someone to visit you in your home.

Our team of design experts at CK Architectural Birmingham are here to offer you the same great advice and guide you through the whole process from design to installation. Our team have over 100 years combined knowledge in design and build and we guarantee to get you the best options available.

Our fully staffed support team are ready now to talk to you about your vision and they have knowledge readily available to share with you.  From small single storey extensions to new build developments, you can be assured that we have the expertise to guide to seamlessly through the process.

STEP ONE - Free property assessment report & no obligation quote

We will provide a fantastic 4-page property feasibility assessment for FREE along with a no obligation quote for our services.

Our report will include:

  • Professional advice on your ideas and ours
  • What planning application will be required if any
  • Cost of all the necessary drawings and applications
  • Expert opinion of whether it will gain planning approval
  • Building control requirement and issues
  • Estimate of the build costs
  • Structural engineer design advice and costs
  • Detailed quotation, fee schedule and other costs
  • Easy to follow project progression chart

STEP TWO - Self survey guide

When your assessment is complete and you’re happy with our advice and cost for our services, we will send you a self-survey guide that will walk you through the survey process.

This is an easy step by step guide on the information we need to start your designs.

Don’t worry if you need any help, we are always available to walk you through it.

STEP THREE - Concept design

You will be given a designer that is available to help you throughout the process and who understands your vision. They’ll be able to work with you and help you nurture your vision to help it become something amazing.

Your designer will use the information from your assessment and your self-survey to produce your concept design

Your concept design will be agreed upon before the next phase begins, and this is all about pinpointing the key features and designs you’re looking for.

STEP FOUR - Developed design

At this stage, the technicalities and finer details are designed to ensure a truly high-quality design. All eventualities will be considered in this phase from planning, building control and the all-important budget.

Developing your design to perfection can be done via many different routes, Email, Screenshare, Video Chat, Skype or if you prefer WhatsApp

STEP FIVE - Approvals planning & building control

When you are happy with your developed design we will then act as your agent, prepare and submit your planning application to the local authority. Once approved we can then work on your detailed building regulation drawings, which are needed for full plans approval.  When these are complete you then have everything, you need to get quotes from builders.




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