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Listed building consent

It is imperative that the importance and significance of a listed building, whether it be listed grade I, II* or II is understood by all parties of the design team. This importance is not only architectural significance but is also historic importance which has help shape our society throughout the years.

The success of any project which involves a listed building is researching into the history and background of the building to uncover its former uses over the past centuries whilst also revealing any significance to historic events. Working with you through this process we will identify the planning issues which will enable us to restore and enhance your property to meet modern life’s expectations and requirements.

Projects / buildings with listing means there will be extra control during the process over what changes can be made to the building’s interior and exterior. As a result, the planning application process is more detailed and is called a Listed Building Consent. We can provide information to the local and national authorities (such as English Heritage) which will allow the projects to be approved.

In many cases the main issues with historic buildings are technical issues i.e. damp, deteriation, damage etc. Our technical experience allows us to provide complementary solutions to any such problems.

Working closely with our team / other consultants we can offer a full range off expertise to a project which enables us to deliver designs that work with a listed building but also ensures the economical control and sensitive design solutions have been derived fully incorporating budget, structure, services, Health and Safety etc from the early stages of the project.

Whether your design taste is either paying tribute to the existing building or is sensitive but contrasting / different to the building, we offer a full architectural design package with offers both. This process is from building inception through to the completion, covering all RIBA work stages. This can begin with feasibility and concept design, to planning and building regulations approved drawings with specifications ready for tender / construction. This is also complemented (if required) by contract administration services which includes site inspections and monitoring the build on site to ensure the contractor is building in compliance to the approved construction drawings, specifications and the building contract.

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