Building Project Management

Building project management is one of the most complete services we offer in Birmingham, as it helps you really make the most of your new addition from start to finish, without all of the stress that comes with it. Once you have your detailed and approved drawings the next question is who and how to build it. CK Architectural Birmingham can help you with construction and building project management no matter the size or the location.

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We will ensure the same great care and attention to detail is followed through to the building stages, providing the best result possible with your build in the least time, saving on time, money, and stress. We will produce detailed construction/working drawings approved by building control to make sure this happens as well as managing every other step of your building project too.

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Tender packages will have all necessary material and construction detail down to the fixture and fittings and allows us to get involved with the builders too. We will engage with known contractors that are experienced in the delivery of your project and can work with anyone you choose and feel comfortable to carry out your build. 


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The Building Project Management Process

To understand just how useful construction project management with CK Architectural Birmingham can be, read through the full process and what we do to help you and your project every step of the way. 


Initially, we create detailed construction drawings that develop the initial architectural designs in place to apply a practical feel that accounts for any changes that the build presents or any tweaks the builders propose and that you agree with. These technical schematics include the finer points of the build too, like fixtures and fittings, switches, plumbing, and any other detail that needs to be well thought out for a lifelong home improvement or development.


The schedule of works in our building project management service is designed entirely to add an extra layer of control and precision to the build and ensure that the whole project is as stress free as possible for everyone involved. We lay out every step of the build agreed upon by all parties involved to present a clear and concise plan of what will be occurring throughout the project and when it should be happening. This makes sure there’s no room for disagreement, everyone is on the same page, work is being carried out efficiently and all parties are content. This is also useful if you choose have elements of the build done by specialists or external parties like familiar workers or trusted tradesmen.


Once the schedule and the construction drawings are agreed on, it’s then time to issue the drawings to different builders you’re interested in or that we’d recommend undertaking the work. We provide them with all of the information they need directly from ourselves, allowing the builders to provide their own feedback, quotes and information which we can in turn present to you and help you to choose the right workers.

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As things progress, our building management service also means that we will administer the contract to all parties and ensure that everyone is on the same page and in agreement with he work that needs to commence. That means reviewing the drawings, schedule of works, quotations and agreeing on all of the above to form a legally protecting contract that all parties can use to ensure the work is undertaken as planned. This also includes insurance details, agreements of working conditions while on site, and a meeting between all parties to ensure that there is no roof for ambiguity.


As the work commences, we will oversee the various stages and plan out key stage meetings with you and your contractor, so nothing is missed. We will endeavour to identify potential problems before they arise and ensure that decisions are made ahead of lead and delivery times. We will visit site and sign off stages before you are asked to make payment offering protection for client and contractor, with regular fortnightly visits


Once all work has been done and agreed upon, it is time to hand over the completed project to you, ready to use and up to scratch. We coordinate the process by checking all statutory requirements have been met, check all required test certificates, and check the work against the drawings and designs to ensure the work has been completed effectively, or create a snagging plan if required.


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