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Commercial Architectural Services

CK Architectural offers a wide range of business solutions for commercial architectural needs that can be implemented to any scale required with the utmost expertise, efficiency and success.

CK Architectural Birmingham has dedicated and experienced local designers that can deliver business minded solutions including commercial architectural design. We know first-hand the fundamental basics behind a developing and growing business, our design approach is a key driver behind you and your businesses operation.

Commercial design is generally driven by cost and improving infrastructure and functionality inevitably will deliver efficiency and savings. Working closely with you through a concise design phase you can teach us all we need to know to present you with the right solutions by design.

CK Architectural

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Designing and planning

We will work closely with you in developing a brief, making sure the end-user your business is designed for, and once we understand your operation and brief, we can deliver your ideas and ours as we develop a design.

Structural engineering

The architects, designers and engineers at CK work together alongside external specialists as required to ensure your commercial project is utilising resources as effectively as possible. That means realising potential costs, meeting any requirements or legislations, and ensuring that safety and purpose-built effectiveness is at the heart of the whole project.

3D visualisation

Utilise 3D architectural tools to really visualise the potential of your project, perfect for pitching to stakeholders, maximising PR and marketing potential, and making sure that you’re happy with the design above all else.

Project management

Any commercial level project needs to best in time management, efficiency and cost management, and that’s exactly what project management has to offer you when working with seasoned industry experts like the team at CK. The team have everything you need to manage every step of the build process alongside you, keeping only the business’s interests at heart and ensuring the most successful project possible.


Create a stronger organisation with our industrial standard architectural service, perfect for creating warehousing, offices and any other functional premise.


Create a retail space to truly maximise your business potential, thanks to stunning designs, pre planned efficiencies, and long-term profit maximisation.

Building developments

Build the most efficient building or housing development possible with our complete architectural team on hand to help with every step of the process.