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Double Storey Extensions

Double storey extensions are an incredible way to truly maximise your house value and make more space at the same time.

Double-storey extensions in Birmingham have all the benefits of a ground floor extension, but with additional bedrooms and bathrooms, or any desired upstairs space. Rear and side double extensions can be great for achieving more value too, garages with bedrooms over are an uplift to consider, roo.

Extending double doesn’t mean double the price either, because the additional floor will not require additional foundations and roof as they’re part of a single-storey extension. If you want more space top and bottom this could be the best option for you.

Whatever your double-storey extension needs to achieve, the CK team can help. We’re experts in bringing double-storey extensions to life, designing every step of the journey and helping you find your perfect match. Contact the team today to discuss your project with our specialists.

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Designing a double storey extension

All of the staff at CK Architectural Birmingham are trained and experienced in getting the best out of the available shape and sizes extensions have to offer. The internal layout can be explored using some of the existing structure too, which saves you money. We avoid creating inner rooms, as they are not nice and can cause problems for building control (which we’ll look at below).

Layout and access upstairs are a key issue and you need to know where you can have windows for bedrooms. Landings are not always in the best place to serve additional rooms so careful design on accessing new rooms without ruining others with corridors are required.

Before we design a full assessment of the site is required, knowing where the drains/boundaries are, determining how it looks from the street and the risk of blocking your neighbours light becomes an issue. We always consider the regulations as first floors need more thought about means of escape.

Planning permission your home extension design

There is not much allowance for permitted development at first floor level for double extensions in Birmingham, and in most cases, a homeowner planning application will be required. Planners will look at the effect on the neighbours through loss of amenity, over baring and overshadowing and consider how it impacts the street.

Specifically for side extensions, it is the norm to reduce the height and set the extension back from the principal elevation. Have a look through our planning permission guide for further details.

CK Architectural Birmingham will take your designs through the process quickly and efficiently giving you the best chance of success.

Building regulations for double storey extensions

Before building, you will need detailed plans to submit to your local authority or private building control authority. All extensions need a building certificate from building control, and this is gained by full plans approved and site inspections. Given the additional complexity of meeting the building regulations for a two-storey extension, it is essential that you get the plans approved prior to commencing.

Our plans will include all the necessary detail such as structure, the passage of sound, disability access, drainage, resistance to moisture, collision, impact, heat loss, ventilation, light, emergency escape, and much more. These drawings are useful in tying up the quotation from your appointed builder and they will be inspected against what has been approved.

Project management for your double storey extension

With a large domestic renovation like a double-storey house extension, project management can also be a very useful service to utilise too, and the CK team have decades of experience providing it.

We can help you to find the right builders, schedule the work, enforce quality and budget control, and act as a professional and fair mediator. We maintain an effective and efficient project that is ideal for you, without any of the stress that you can expect to come along with it. We’ll be holding regular site inspections and holding meetings with all parties to ensure constant clear communication, all with the aim of helping you as much as physically possible.

No matter what size your project is, the team have the skills, tools and experience you need that can make your project proceed without a hitch. Just speak to the team at any time for completely free quotes and advice about how we can help.

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