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Home Improvements


CK Architectural are invested and devoted to improving the lives of local people with home improvements and renovations.

Home designs to improve your living

At CK Architectural Birmingham and West Midlands, we firmly believe that making home improvements and building a better home improves the lives of families. We offer free consultations at your property to explore what you want and need, this avoids any upfront expense if you cannot achieve it.

We can explore all the options and show you different ways to achieve your goals whilst staying within your budget and advising on any planning or building issues. When the design is perfected our team will take over ensuring all applications are correct and on time.

We appreciate properties are investments, so we can help make sure you get a good return on your investment if you’re thinking of selling on.

CK Architectural

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Building extensions

Single or double storey extensions are the typical way to create space, and our comprehensive site assessment can tell you what is likely to gain planning permission and the likely costs involved. They’re perfect for open plan areas, living, kitchen or dining enhancements, and even new bedrooms. All Architectural design options will be presented, and advice is given on the relevant planning policies, building control and likely costs. We don’t produce drawings, we produce approved working blueprints of your vision.

Garage or roof conversions

Utilising space in your roof then it can be a fantastic way on increasing your living space without building requirements. Most roof conversions are within the permitted development rights, so you can move straight forward to building regulations drawings, tender and build. See our advice on converting your loft.

Outbuilding in open countryside

If you live on a farm that has been used for agriculture, then there are some amazing ways to convert the buildings you have involved with your property. Under the planning laws, there is a lot more leniency in gaining permission. Take a look at the barn conversion’s page and book your free consultation today.

Building a new home

If you are looking to buy land and build your own property, our experts will take you through the processes. We can do feasibility studies, pre-applications, planning application, building regulations project management. We work closely with our developers looking out for a return on your investment and helping you avoid the many pitfalls that will eat away at your profits. Read through our new build guide.

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