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New Build House Design

We can help you with any new build or self build property from pre application through to completion.

New Build or Self Build Designs

New build and self-build houses can really change your life, and with the right new house designs and floor or house layout plans by your side, they could be the best financial decision you could ever make. We are experts in architectural design and can help make your new builds or self build home the perfect fit for your needs and help create a home from the start.

If you are looking to build your own home or an experienced developer looking for investment or building your dream, we are the people that can help.  Our philosophy on design resonates throughout all our services, you must make the right decisions and we provide all the necessary information to help you do what is right for you.

Our design team will explore all the site issues and likely opinions of the planning officers before you get into any expensive application and design processes. Each new build needs to be assessed against your requirements.

CK Architectural

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Project brief

The first step of the process when building a new house in Birmingham or the West Midlands is to get a better understanding of what the project involves. We will work with you, the resources you have, and our own information to develop a proper realisation of what is and is not possible.

We’ll factor in any possible issues, hazards or obstacles as well as the specifics that you’re looking to have created in your project, all to create a design and layout you will want to move into the next stages with.

Once we have a full understanding of what your house designs and plans need to include, exclude and the things that matter to you most, we’re able to move forward into the actual design stages of the project and get to work on helping visualise what has been discussed.

Feasibility study

For a small additional fee, we also provide feasibility studies for your proposed project too. This will look at the site history, assess the infrastructure, services and other essentials to the build and informally engage with the relevant local authority planning department. From there we can work with you on a concept design that meets your requirements. It all works to give you the best possible chance of success with your project meeting your needs.

Whether it is a major development site or one-off self build, we can produce and collate all the necessary drawings, reports and investigations to give your new build design application the best chance of success. We will be in constant communication with you and the planning officer, making changes where necessary to push it through.

We do offer an additional pre planning service before this begins too, where we liaise with the local authority before the submission of any applications, getting their guidance for a swift and successful application. This will produce a long list of planning policies and comments directly from the planner that will be dealing with future applications. We can also arrange a meeting with the relevant officer to discuss the plan and any other ideas that the site could be developed for.

Designing Your House, Layout & Floor Plan

After all relevant preliminary work is done, the next stage is to of course design the concept and drawings for your property too. This is where we will create the lout design, floor plan and the overall design of your build, factoring in all of the information that we have taken as well as the essential components as well as our own expertise.

The result will be a series of design options for you to consider, where you’re able to discuss the designs with the designer, show your likes and dislikes, and have the options revised to ensure that you have the best possible design for what you want to achieve.

When the positive pre-application list is received, we can then develop your design with you. All necessary requirements will be considered from plot size down to the lighting and parking.  Your new build or self-build home(s) can then be designed with detailing that ensures you reach the maximum potential for both value and environment.

Throughout the initial concept design stages, we will make sure the developed and approved design can be correctly detailed for the building regulations. Our drawings will ensure any future developer can gain accurate tenders or have a well detailed and good specification with a working set of building plans. From there we can offer a full range of project management services depending on the level of involvement you want.

Full planning applications

Once the design is approved, the next step is to gain planning permissions. We will take care of any 3rd party requirements (heritage, design access etc.) before we submit the official planning application, complete with all information we have available and fully prepared to give you every chance of success even prior to the submission itself.

CK Architectural will work with you and your planning officers throughout the whole process and take care of any amendments needed for you to gain approval as a part of the service that we provide.

Building Regulations

When the planning process concludes, the final step of the design process is to create building regulations drawings for your project. These detailed drawings will be more than adequate for builders or developers to understand in relation to project requirements and costs and give you accurate information regarding the next step of the process.

The building regulations drawings will include all required information to gain approval from both private inspectors as well as your local building control authority. We will also liaise with them on your behalf to ensure the most efficient service possible and ensure any builders are in a position to assess the site and begin their work immediately.

Building The Property

Finally, all that is left for your new house or development to be brought to life is the building process itself. CK Architectural have numerous builders in our network that we would be happy to recommend to our clients, as well as providing our own advice on the project to give you the best standing point possible.

We also provide a comprehensive project management service in addition to our designs, where a member of the senior team at CK Architectural will oversee the entire construction of your property. We will ensure constant communication, the ironing out of any issues, quality control at all times, and a generally dramatically cheaper, more streamlined and the most stress-free project possible, all with as much or as little involvement from you as you like.

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