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Essential Package

What will you get?

  • Get required approvals effortlessly with our essential service for obtaining permits and licenses
  • Say goodbye to wasted time and money with our expert and cost-effective solutions
  • Bring your project to life with our excellent service, tailored for clear visions and existing builders
  • Get compliant plans quickly with our rapid and effective drawing service
  • START  

     - Survey and Site Check

    One of our design technicians will conduct a site visit to your property, assess the conditions, take measurements, capture photographs, record pertinent information, and review the project brief with you.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Existing Plans

    We will accurately draw the property to scale based on the survey you provide.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Basic Design

    We will develop your design based on the information you provide, taking into account any site or property limitations and constraints.

  • WEEK 2  

     - Screenshot Email

    We will provide you with a screenshot of the AutoCAD working space, demonstrating a substantial amount of progress that has been made and is ready for discussion following payment.

  • WEEK 3  

     - Two Design Amendments

    You can request up to two design revisions within the project scope, which can be communicated via email or phone call with our designer.

  • WEEK 3  

     - Approved By You

    Once you are content with the designs, we can move forward with the subsequent steps.

  • WEEK 4  

     - Planning Preparation and Submission (if required or maybe PD)

    We will incorporate your design into our planning drawing template, which includes all essential details for the local authority’s consideration, such as floors, elevations, site plan, and location map. As your agent, we will submit the application and manage the process on your behalf.

  • WEEK 7  

     - Validation

    After we have conducted our review, your local authority will validate the application, allocate a planning officer, and provide a decision date.

  • WEEK 13  

     - 6 Week Check

    Once the application reaches the determination stage, we will review it to ensure that everything is progressing towards approval.

  • WEEK 14  

     - Planning Amendments

    We will collaborate with you and the planning office to obtain the necessary planning approval if the design needs to be revised.

  • WEEK 16  

     - Approved by Planning

    The design has been approved by the planning department, subject to any applicable conditions. In the event of rejection, we will undertake a revision of the design process.

  • WEEK 18  

     - Basic Regulations

    Comprehensive drawings that demonstrate conformity with building regulations, specifications, and essential construction details.

  • WEEK 18  

     - BC Submission

    Our services include assistance with filling out forms, preparing drawings, and compiling supporting information required for building control checks and sign-offs.

  • WEEK 18  

     - Structural/Consultant Design

    If necessary, the engineer or consultant will design and calculate any additional requirements, such as beams, foundations, frames, and so on, to support the application.

  • WEEK 23  

     - BC Amendments

    To obtain approval, please make the necessary changes as requested by building control.

  • WEEK 23  

     - Approved by Building Control

    Your written approval indicates that your design is in compliance with the latest building regulations.

  • WEEK 26  

     - CK Contract Complete

    Once the planning and design phase is complete, you and your builder can proceed with the works. Your builder will assume responsibility for on-site design changes and verifying measurements and other details.


Our Price List

What Included

  • Survey

  • Site Check

  • Existing Plans & Elevations

  • Basic Design

  • Design Amendment

  • Email ScreenShot

  • Planning Preperation

  • Planning Submission

  • Planning Amendments

  • Basic Building Regulations

** All our prices shown above are a minimum guidance

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