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Project Management Package

  • Engage with industry experts who prioritize client satisfaction
  • Obtain firm price quotes from accredited builders at a competitive rate
  • Your selected design options scheduled, contracted, and supervised by approved professionals
  • Resolve conflicts promptly and without hassle

Our Price List

What Included

  • Approved Design/Planning

  • Light Technical Design

  • Pre Tender Meeting

  • Initial Estimates

  • Engineer and Consultants

  • Detailed Regulations

  • Selection and Finishes Review Meeting

  • Schedule of Works

  • Tender Package

  • Fixed Quote

  • Work Programme

  • Contracts

  • Pre Start Meeting

  • Start on Site

  • Weekly Inspections

  • Progress Meetings

  • On Site Design

  • Building Control Meetings

  • Payment Sign Offs

  • Dispute Settlements

  • Sign off

** All our prices shown above are a minimum guidance

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Would you like us to maintain our involvement throughout the project, take responsibility for communication with the builder, prepare contracts, conduct inspections, and offer assistance with any necessary on-site design modifications that may arise?

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